The Language of Quotes by Rain Cumiskey

The Language of Quotes©

The following is  a collection of my quotes that touch on various life issues and experiences.  These are copyrighted so please use my name as the author if shared.  Thank you!

“Life has circumstances orchestrated by both natural and human influences. However much either throws us up against their walls, we have the choice to hone our empathy throughout. Without it, we lose our ability in both cases, to be a true part of either.”

“It is “Quiet Courage” that is unassuming.  It needs no props or plans.  It is an innate and consistent experience, rather than a deliberate search to create or inflict ones’ self into circumstances to prove bravery.”

“It has always concerned me deeply that some humans actually believe that in order to extract the best from people it automatically gives them permission to treat them with cruelty.  While a Sociopath will deem cruelty a necessity , this type thinking is an extension of  a serious personality defect that only causes suffering.  The only people who enjoy cruelty are the sadistic people who inflict it.”

“The quote “Wars make monsters out men.”  isn’t accurate.  Wars are made by the monsters men have already become.”

“Patriotism has tragically become part and parcel to the propaganda machine that constantly uses people’s loyalty and love for their Country (particularly the young) as a way recruit them into wars they manufacture, violence they manufacture under the guise of patriotism and then those who refuse to participate are shamed and punished. No war has ever been started without greed as an agenda and insanity as the propeller.”

“In the Great Depression, educated people were selling pencils on the street.  In this Depression, I see educated people begging for pencils on the the street.”

“We are here holding on to the last shreds of integrity and decency, trying to sew them back into the fabric of humanity”

“Neutrality in the midst of cruelty is a complicit act of doing nothing.”

“I’ve never known anyone who’s last wish on their death bed was wondering what the balance was on their bank account.   However,  I can guarantee  there was at least one thought about their soul account.”

“Being orthodox is the inability to acknowledge common sense over fixed beliefs.  It also gives the worst kind of permission to judge people in harsh ways if they do not blindly follow what they themselves follow.”

“Throwing caution to the wind is pretty much like spitting into it.”

“Tyranny attempts to exhaust humanity by laying the ground work for societies to become desperate.  Destabilize the economy, turn people against each other, and gather the complicit to do their dirty work.  The silence of apathy then becomes the virus that causes the systemic degeneration of the social immune system.”

Tyrants then emerge as self proclaimed heroes, promising to right the ills they themselves have orchestrated…the illusion of salvation and our silent voices ensure their true intent to enslave.”

“There is this tortuous imbalance that occurs when we have literally “lost our senses”. It immediately weakens us and leaves us vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled by malicious forces. Yet we are deliberately taught and conditioned in our society to ignore and deny what we feel. No one can feel from the neck up. You can’t disconnect the soul from the mind and expect a responsible result.”

“There is nothing on this planet, in my opinion, more negatively life altering to any living creature then the deliberate language of hatred, acted out in any form.  It is the mortal sin inflicted upon the psyche that, without empathic intervention, perpetuates every ill and even worse, encourages those ills to become acceptable.”

“Lying by Silence:  It hangs in the air like cigarette smoke.  You may not be the smoker, but it doesn’t make lying any less toxic.  The question is, how long are you willing to keep breathing it?”

“Rule #1: Do no harm.  Rule #2: Prepare for the responsibility of having to pro actively make the cruel aware of Rule #1.

“How easy it is to pontificate on politics and religion on and full stomach.”

“Edward Bernays had an alarmingly powerful effect on the entire American culture with what he termed as “Public Relations”, which was actually propaganda that allowed advertising to take hold of the American psyche.  He understood the primal human needs of people to be accepted in order to survive, even at the cost of making others suffer.  He used this propaganda not only to make his fortune, but change the neurological mapping of an entire society that has similar roots in Hitlerist ideology.”



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