The Language of Quotes by Rain Cumiskey

The Language of Quotes©

The following is  a collection of my quotes that touch on various life issues and experiences.  These are copyrighted so please use my name as the author if shared.  Thank you!

“I’ve never known anyone who’s last wish on their death bed was wondering what the balance was on their bank account.   However,  I can guarantee  there was at least one thought about their soul account.”

“Throwing caution to the wind is pretty much like spitting into it.”

“Tyranny attempts to exhaust humanity by laying the ground work for societies to become desperate.  Destabilize the economy, turn people against each other, and gather the complicit to do their dirty work.  The silence of apathy then becomes the virus that causes the systemic degeneration of the social immune system.

Tyrants then emerge as self proclaimed heroes, promising to right the ills they themselves have orchestrated…the illusion of salvation and our silent voices ensure their true intent to enslave.”

“There is this tortuous imbalance that occurs when we have literally “lost our senses”. It immediately weakens us and leaves us vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled by malicious forces. Yet we are deliberately taught and conditioned in our society to ignore and deny what we feel. No one can feel from the neck up. You can’t disconnect the soul from the mind and expect a responsible result.”

“There is nothing on this planet, in my opinion, more negatively life altering to any living creature then the deliberate language of hatred, acted out in any form.  It is the mortal sin inflicted upon the psyche that, without empathic intervention, perpetuates every ill and even worse, encourages those ills to become acceptable.

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